My Spring Festival

As far as I am concerned, the day before the Spring Festival is the most rip-roaring good time of the whole year in China.

On that sunny and beautiful afternoon of the day,IMG_4267.JPG some of my families and I had a great time in the park nearby. IMG_4266.JPGWandering around and chatting with each other, we admired the beautiful scenery, felt the nature as well as took numerous pictures at the same time, in which everyone was wearing a big smile.

In the evening, what we also called New Year’s
Eve, IMG_4249.JPGall families got together and had a big diner prepared by my father, who was recognized as the best cook in my family, for quite a long time. During the diner, we toasted to each other from time to time. Meanwhile, little children and young adults, including me, got hongbao, gifts of cash in red IMG_4264.JPGenvelopes, given by older family members on Chinese New Year as lucky gifts for the year IMG_4263.JPGahead. Having finished the meal, my brother and I along with my little niece could not wait to set off firecrackers outside. Adult as I was, I still felt surprised and joyful and could not help to look up and saw the fireworks in the sky.

There is no doubt that having a family reunion dinner, giving hongbao and setting off fireworks are traditional ways to celebrate Chinese New Year. However, what I am going to talk about below distinguishes this year completely from the years before.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, cell phones do not merely function as a IMG_4273.JPGmachine used to make voice or video calls or take pictures. Furthermore, it plays an important role in altering the way people in China carrying out certain traditions during IMG_4275.JPGChinese New Year. Recently, a rapidly increasing number of people have actively engaged in gifting and claiming red envelopes on WeChat, a cell phone chat app. I can still clearly remember that one day in the Spring Festival holiday, my parents and I had lunch in a relative’s house. After the boring lunch, everyone, no IMG_4269.JPGmatter the young and the old, got excited and started focused on their cell phones, waiting for red envelopes. It presented an obvious contrast against the earlier scene. Some could not remain seated, some cried for more red envelops and the others who claimed a big amount of money burst in laughter. Indeed, technology has changed our way of celebrating New Year Festival.

All in all, I think I have spent a satisfying and warm Spring Festival—the whole family staying together, having meals, chatting, claiming hongbao and laughing.



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  1. The spring festival traditions in your home is very similar to my home, especially the part of Hongbao on WeChat, my family members are enthusiastic about it, too. And I like your great pictures!


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