Brief Introduction of TEM-4

Time flies. With the approaching of my TEM-4, a mandatory test for English major, I am becoming increasingly nervous. You may wonder what TEM-4 is.  I will give you an introduction of TEM-4 in this blog from the time, content as well as  pass criteria.

Firstly, TEM-4 is usually held on the third Saturday in April every year and this year, 2016, it is held on 24, April. Therefore, there is not much time left and I am supposed to make the best of time to make preparation for the test.

Secondly, TEM-4 is divided into six sections: dictation (10%)listening comprehensions(20%), including a mini-lecture and conversations, language knowledge(20%), cloze(10%), reading comprehension(20%) and writing(20 %). The test takes 130 minutes. The whole test takes up 130 minutes.1

Thirdly, grades are divided into three levels: 60-69 is considered qualified; 70-79 good and higher than 80 excellent. Those who pass the test will get TEM certificate from Colleges and Universities Foreign Language Teaching Guidance Committee.

However, if an English-major student fails the TEM-4 during his or her sophomore year, he or she may attempt to pass the TEM-8 during senior year. Those failing the TEM-8 are only allowed one re-test (during the following year after they have graduated from college). A second failure will result in disqualification.


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