Self-assessment of My Performence

Self-assessment is an essential because it gives us an opportunity to find our strengths and weaknesses. Today, I would like to write a self-assessment of my performance in “presenting yourself” and “employee interview” for COMM course last week.



During the “presenting yourself”, I was cautious to avoid too much unnecessary content of the speech. After a short self-introduction, I only mentioned my qualities and experiences that were especially important for the position. International background, practical teaching experience and excellent translation skills would make me the obvious choice for the position. In addition, I generally did a good job during “employee interview”. As I had made full preparation in advance, I was able to handle the Q&A part efficiently. Actually, I spent much time and energy to prepare for my answer to all possible interview questions. For example, supposing I would be asked the question “why do you decide to go into this field?” I took the career research and personal interests into consideration, trying to make my answer as professional as possible.


Though I am confidant of my content of the speech, I have to admit that I failed to deal with my stress during the presentation. I have practiced many times, but I still could not feel at ease when speaking in front of the whole class. As a result, my speech rate became increasingly fast. Moreover, I did not make any eye contact with the interviewer even though I was aware of the great importance of nonverbal behaviors such as eye contact and proper gestures.


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