Film: The Mission

The Mission is a film about Jesuit missionaries in South America in the middle of the 18th century. It mainly deals with four themes: redemption, courage, rebellion and brothers. In this post, I choose to talk about redemption.

11.pngWhat impressed me the most in the film is the scene that depicts Mendoza’ bearing of weapons of his of life. He climbs the falls tied to a large and ungainly bundle of weapons. As far as I am concerned, the heavy bundle symbolizes Mendoza’s violence to both his brother and the Guarani. In the beginning of the film, Mendoza returns to Asuncion and found that his lady has fallen love with his brother. Impulsively he murders his brother, which leads to a sentence to six months in prison. As for the Guarani, Mendoza and his followers once kidnaps and kill their people.

Tied to the heavy bundle, Mendoza arrives at the mission finally, where the Guarani wait. However, one of the Guarani with a knife does not kill him; instead he cuts off the sack and pushes it off a cliff into the river.  In my opinion, Mendoza’s final relief from the bundle represents that Mendoza is been forgiven and adequately atone for killing his brother and the Guarani.

Mendoza receives forgiveness from the Guarani and atones for the murder of his brother. It turns out to be a successful redemption as he eventually transcends his violent nature.


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