North America and South America

Honestly, I have limited knowledge of world geography. With the help of PBS, I would like to compare and contrast North America and South America from latitude, climate, vegetation and wildlife.


North America is the third largest continent in the world, and its latitude stretches from the Arctic Circle to the Tropic of Cancer. However, South America extends from the Tropics to nearly 50 degrees south of the Equator, making it become the fourth largest continent.

As for the climate, it is generally temperate, with very hot summers and very cold winters in North America. Similarly, the climate of South America is generally temperate, with wet and humid tropical zones.

Regarding to vegetation and wildlife, the vegetation of North America is rich and varied, from Arctic and Alpine, to Mediterranean, desert and tropical. The chief predators there are wolves, coyotes, alligators and bears. In South America, the vegetation is also rich and varied, including rain forest, mountain, desert and tropical. The major predators there are alligators, some large cats in southern jungles, bison, llama and alpaca.