Summary and Response of Homo naledi


Homo naledi is a new species of ancient human believed to have lived 2 to 3 million years.   Through the way of roughly putting the species into groups based on shard trait, we may find out the how Homo naledi related to us. However, scientists have disagreements that Homo naledi are our ancestors. Homo naledi have many being’s features, such as length of legs and proportions of skulls; however, their skulls are much smaller than ours.  Up to now, scientists are not sure yet whether H. naledi are able to make tools but judging from bodies without bite of marks and anything else, they might have buried their dead.  Scientists are about this discovery for several reasons. Firstly, it is the absolute  opportunity of fossil that prompted this discovery. Secondly, H.  naledi’ s particular characteristics are also surprising as H. naledi challenges many original ideas. However, finding the answer requires lots of time as uncertainty of the age of the H. naledi fossils.

I am clearly aware the great importance of this discovery because it has 3broke up original ideas like only modern humans bury their dead. However, personally, I am much more interested in the future life and the development of people in the future. Will humans become much taller over 2 meters? Will humans have less hairs? Will humans become semi-robot? You can never image how excited I am about these things!